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Constipation problem

Junior Desi
Member since: Aug 07

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Location: Burlington, Ontario, Cana

Originally posted by anupmukerjee

Hi Guys,
I face the problem of Constipation. As here in Canada we have to wake up early during working days, sometimes have irregular eating during whole day all result in this factor. Any advise in this matter will be highly appreciated.I need to know any kind of ayurvedic cure for this problem


colon hydrotherapy is very old system to solve problem in natural way in ayurveda, also known as "jal vasti"

Post ID: 107142 09-09-07 20:07:30
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Senior Desi
Member since: Mar 05

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Location: Toronto

ideas by everyone here.

A few things to note: Someone mentioned eating bananas and Drinking Coffee... BIG NO NO... both cause constipation. Like most people on the forum said this is not a small change that if u eat this or that the constipation goes away, You have to make a change of life style.

We still don't know what u eat all day everyday but like most people said, watch what you eat. WATER WATER WATER... this is KEY... without water, all other efforts are useless. If you drink atleast (note ATLEAST) 1 gallon of water per day, you should be fine. Along with that incorporate a lot of fibrous fruits and vegetables like Prunes, Plums, papaya, spinach, Okra, yellow lentils, Fish(if u r non veggie) and stay away from WHITE Flour, WHITE Rice and WHITE Sugar. Also try to eat uncooked veggies a lot especially celery.

Again, without knowing your current and past eating habits, it's hard to judge waht u should do. I'd suggest going to a dietician who can help you prepare a daily menu.

Post ID: 107206 10-09-07 14:36:48
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Senior Desi
Member since: Mar 05

Posts: 277
Location: Toronto

On a SIDE Note...
what was so wrong with Pink Panther's comments? they were true and valid words and comments weren't they? Nothing offensive I don't think so?

Not that i want to stir up another long discussion about do's and dont's of posting :)

Post ID: 107207 10-09-07 14:38:11
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Junior Desi
Member since: Nov 07

Posts: 3

Do some yoga specifically for digestive process

May be you can contact, usually replies in a week with very specific , easy to do asanas to cure digestive issues.

Post ID: 110318 02-11-07 13:48:37
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Junior Desi
Member since: Jul 08

Posts: 3

Hello anupjee, I read the question and cant avoid writing you. yes drink fresh Aloe Vera Gel Drink which is the natures power to deep clean your digestion sysem and you can be fine with no hastle. You can ask for information at, if you dont find where to buy and other details.

Post ID: 122874 02-07-08 03:50:20
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Junior Desi
Member since: Feb 07

Posts: 2

Hello Anupji,

Instead of taking all this I would suggest you to go for ALOEVERA drinks which is 100% effective and is my guarntee that you will not again face this problem
You can contact me at 416-743-1088 and I will give you more details.

My husband was also facing same problem but now he is alright and has no problem.

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Post ID: 161683 07-04-10 23:07:17
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Senior Desi
Member since: Aug 04

Posts: 296
Location: Alberta

You can try ISABGUL . I dont have severe consipation problem but I am taking it once in a month . You can take it daily for a week before u sleep and drink a lot of water with it . Other option is take caster oil . Just take 200 ml of water boil it , put 1/2 tea spoon of ginger powder in boiling water , then stop boiling add 2-3 tea spoon of caster oil mix it with water well and drink it . In my chilhood my parents use to give me this dose every sunday and it was very effective .


Last edited by: dsd on 22-09-12 23:57:39
Post ID: 201017 22-09-12 23:54:23
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Junior Desi
Member since: Jul 12

Posts: 26


If all this seems ineffective for you, try the simple remedy that my mother used to do. Simply boil water, put some hing (asfeatoide) and apply it all over the stomach. Do it two three times before you sleep.

By morning, you wouldn't even know if you had constipation and slowly you will not have this problem at all.

Try it. Its tried and tested method

Post ID: 201037 24-09-12 11:36:58
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Senior Desi
Member since: Mar 11

Posts: 969

not sure why somebody would open a thread from 2006 and respond...get a suppository and shove up in your rear
Next time just thinking of it would resolve your issues

Post ID: 201039 24-09-12 11:59:57
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