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3,600 General Motors (NYSE: GM) workers in Ontario will lose their jobs

Does Canada really need Immigrants ?

More than 3,600 General Motors (NYSE: GM) workers in Ontario will lose their jobs by 2008 as the world’s biggest automaker makes sweeping cuts to its North American operations.
GM chairman and CEO Rick Wagoner said Monday in Detroit that the automaker plans to close nine North American plants and eliminate 30,000 jobs over three years, most in the United States but also affecting its Oshawa and St. Catharines plants.

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desi in ottawa
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Ford is laying off too
Ford will be cutting 4,000 white collar jobs in North America. Total GM lay offs are 30,000 closing 12 plants.

Canada is slow to react for anything including outsourcing. The way things are that in the next 15-20 yrs most of the jobs could be in Asia. May be our kids have to move back to India to find work.


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Isnt one of the Japanese makers opening a factory in ontario soon?

But yes, this is bad. Now they will be competing with us for \"the Jobs\". ;)

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Post ID: 62047 22-11-05 21:04:40
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Ya, apun reading one Jap co opening plant here. Not remebering which. Maybe that is why GM aur Ford getting ghabraat.

Actually, yeh loonie bahut high going and making manufacturing not competitive here. Also int rates up going to make borrowing exp for cos.

And comp from China, India whatever

hinglish zindabad

Post ID: 62071 23-11-05 10:34:39
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These companies are genreally mismanged.
I worked for a top MNC in India for 3 yrs and i know how they function...
There have lots and lots of people doing nothing or something that is not necessary, 3-4 people doing jobs that 1 or maybe 2 people can do.. and they are very slow in making decision and think short term rather than long term.
Thats why every now and then you sere layoffs in sears, GM, or you name it
Thats the best way management can cover their scew ups and cut cost

My sincere advise to jobseekers would be before taking a job specially when you are changing jobs is to reasonably ensure that it is a prductive position.
I quit my job in India and moved here, i knew my entire offce was a big administrative overhead even if some of the positions in it were productive, a month back they decided to merge our office with another office that resulted in laying off 5 out of 40 people we have in the company

so be careful specially if you are switching positions

Live and Let Live

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Nowadays........this seems to be the only to handle the tantrums of the unions.

Too many people and taht too overpaid.

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