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Canadian Citizenship Test Paper Online Practice

Who do Canadians vote for in a federal election?
Members of Parliament
Members of Provincial Parliament

After a Federal Election, Which party forms the new Government?
The party with the most senators
The party with the most votes
The party with the most elected MPs
The party with the most candidates running for election

How is the Prime minister chosen?
The politician who got most votes in election
The person appointed by the Queen
The leader of the party in power

Who becomes the Prime minister?
The politician who got most votes in election
The person appointed by the Queen
The leader of the party in power

When does an election have to be held according to the Constitution?
About every 4 years.
Within 5 years of the last election.
Whenever the Prime Minister calls the election.
When the MP's want a new Prime Minister.

Which federal political party is in power?

Which party becomes the party in power?
Coalition Party
The party with the most representatives in the house of commons
The party with the most votes
To have the approval of the Queen

What are the parties that are not in power called?
The friends parties
Opposition parties
Parties which represents the queen

Which party becomes the Official Opposition?
The opposition party with the most MP's.
The party receiving the least votes.
Any independent candidate.
The party the Prime Minister selects.

What does opposition do?
Make the law
Supports the party in power
Debate and try to improve or defeat the laws proposed by the Government
To put forward bills to be passed.

Which party is the Official Opposition at the federal level?
The Conservative Party.
The Liberal Party.
The Independent Party.
The Canadian Alliance Party

What is a political candidate?
A person who assumes the job of Prime Minister.
A person who runs for office.
A person who makes up the voting list.
A person who calls at your door to ask your name.

What do you call a candidate who does not belong to a political party?
An Independent
An Enumerator
A Returning Officer.
A Member of Parliament.

What is a Cabinet minister?
MP chosen by the Governor General to make laws
Enumerator chosen by the Prime Minister
MP chosen by the Prime Minister and is responsible for running federal departments
MLA chosen by the Prime Minister

Senators are appointed by the:
Governor General
Prime Minister
By the Premiers of all provinces

Senators are:
Elected by voters
Chosen by the MPs
Elected by landed immigrants
Chosen by the Prime Minister and appointed by government general.

How can a party in power be defeated in Parliament?
If Canadians do not approve of the laws being passed.
If a majority of the MP's vote against a major government decision.
If the premiers vote against federal government decision
If Canadians vote against the party in power.

Who were the first settlers in the area where you live (Ontario)?
The algonquin and Iroquois First Nation

Why did the early Europeans come to your region in the 1600s, 1700s, 1800s or early 1900s (Ontario)?
Fur trade.

What is the capital city of the province or territory in which you live (Ontario)?

Please note these questions are only for reference. Actual questions might be different. Please check immigration and citizenship canada's official publication for futher details

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