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Canadian Citizenship Test Paper Online Practice

How is the government formed after an election? After a Federal Election, Which party forms the new Government?
The party with the most senators
The party with the most votes
The party with the most elected MPs
The party with the most candidates running for election

When does an election have to be held according to the Constitution?
About every 4 years.
Within 5 years of the last election.
Whenever the Prime Minister calls the election.
When the MP's want a new Prime Minister.

What do political parties do?
Share ideas about how government should work.
Prepare the celebration after the election.
Liase with the provincial governments.
Liase with the Queen.

What does it mean for a political party to "be in power"? or Which party becomes the party in power?
Coalition Party
The party with the most representatives in the house of commons
The party with the most votes
To have the approval of the Queen

What is the role of the Opposition parties? Or What does opposition do?
Make the law
Supports the party in power
Debate and try to improve or defeat the laws proposed by the Government
To put forward bills to be passed.

How are Senators chosen? or Senators are appointed by the:
Governor General
Prime Minister
By the Premiers of all provinces

Senators are:
Elected by voters
Chosen by the MPs
Elected by landed immigrants
Chosen by the Prime Minister and appointed by government general.

How can you contact your member of Parliament?
Call your provincial party office.
Write to the Prime Minister.
Call Elections Canada.
Either call the office in your electoral district or write to the House of Commons.

Who do provincial members of the legislative or national assemblies represent?
Federal and territorial governments.
Federal and provincial governments.
Everyone who lives in the provincial or territorial electoral district.
Municipal governments.

What level of government passes "by-laws"?
Municipal (local).

Who were the United Empire Loyalists
British settlers from the United States
Aboriginal peoples

What three Industries helped the early settlers build communities in the Atlantic region
Fur Trading, Fishing and Mining
Farming, Fishing and Mining
Farming, Fishing and Shipbuilding
Fur Trading, Fishing and Shipbuilding

When did the united Empire Loyalists came to Canada
Early 1900s
Late 1700s

When did settlers from France first establish communities on the St. Lowrence River
Early 1600s

In what type of industry did most early european settlers worked
Fur Trade

Which trade spread across Canada, making it important to the economy for over 300 years?
Hudson Bay

What form of transportation did Aboriginal peoples and fur traders use to create trading networks in North America?

How long did Hudson bay's compay control the northern lands?
200 years
50 years
300 years
90 years

What important trade did the Hudson bay's company control?

When did thousands of miners first came to yukon?
End of 1800s
Beginning of the 1800s
Early 1700s
Early 1900s

Please note these questions are only for reference. Actual questions might be different. Please check immigration and citizenship canada's official publication for futher details

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