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Bank accounts in India

dan: Not yet extended for bank accounts.
new_migrant: Has the last date for linking Aadhaar card to bank accounts been extended to 31st March, 2018. Please confirm.
rajcanada: You have contact a Chartered accountant who is registered with Income Tax in India. They will prepare form 15CA and 15CB. You have to take those forms and submit paperwork like source of funds and outward remittance form to the bank in India to remit funds to Canada.
new_migrant: Thanks for the advise given by members. Can anyone guide on the exact process and procedures to be followed for remitting funds from NRO A/c in India to Canada.
MITRON: True. No point in bringing your hard earned Indian rupees into this broke country called Canada. It should be the other way round, send money to India from Canada. All my friends in USA send money

Indian Bank : FACTA declaration

dan: Sept 2018 and all financial info will be shared between CRA and indian tax authorities-the link above says it all
gollu: Just received a FATCA notification from ICICI Bank where I have a NRE/NRO acc. Is this now mandatory, even for Canadian citizens with OCI? This looks like its more targeted towards the US citizens with
soberflier: Hey Fido, Did you work or have a mailing address in the US ever and share that with that bank? Cheers
Many: Thank you Pendse Saheb.
pendse: NRO/NRE account guys, irrespective of which country they reside in. They should only be sending it to US citizens, US Green card holders & not NRI's in other foreign countries. So ignore the letter. When
Many: If I don't comply with the FATCA requirement (sent by my Indian bank); Can the Income-Tax guys stop my Refunds? Thus far I get refund for the TDS on my NRO deposits after I file Indian I-T returns.

Aadhar Card

ChandraGupt: thanks
Full House: For your INFORMATION..: Inability to link AAdhaar Card to PAN Card or any other system that all of the Banks and Financial Institutions are demanding that the NRI's, PIO's and OCI's do it. Is it feasible OR Really Required?
Smiley: You need to tell them that you are an NRI /foreigner and Aadhar is not required for you . They may ask you to close the Mutual funds/bank accounts etc as you are not eligible for them since you are an NRI now
ChandraGupt: I am Canadian citizen with OCI - I have 2 regular accounts in INDIA-no NRO/NRE account-never updated(opened 15 years back). I have mutual fund investment thru CAMS &CAMRY - I got today this message
smiley1: What about linking phone sim card to adhaar.
smiley1: What about linking phone sim card to adhaar.

ADHAR Card for OCI card holder / NRI

MITRON: The only reason they are asking is because they have NO clue that you are a Canadian citizen and no longer an Indian citizen, hence don't have an Aadhaar card. For them you are just a regular Indian
Smiley: - Well put , Could not have said it better myself
ChandraGupt: Yes I understand that - but my issues is that my MutuaFund managing Company(CAMS) asking me Adhar card (as per above email) which I never had as I'am Canadian Citizen with OCI
MITRON: You don't have to close the existing accounts. You JUST have to change the designation on it to NRO from Regular. Everything else remains the same, the account numbers etc. So the money will still be sent to that account after the designation change.
ChandraGupt: few misunderstandings -let me clear again My banks never asked me any Adhar card -CAMS(mutual fund manager org) asking for it -I copy/pasted their email above. regarding Bank - I asked them many


Latest Replies

My experience moving back to India

MITRON: Divorce Rate in Canada - 40 % . So almost 1 in 2 marriages fail in Canada. 1 in 3 couples are living together as common law couple ( unmarried ), so basically living like cat and dogs and pigs. No shame, nothing. India divorce rate is much much lower. Also people actually get married before living together.
crish: I do agree with most parts of your comments, but about children its subjective. Cultural change is happening even in India on the lines of western world albeit slower. It will be difficult to escape it, but yes it will be easier to accept. :)
poorme: No one can beat the advise that comes from a experienced person.
MITRON: 20 C with , 6 feet of snow. Plus you are not that far from Delhi, Agra , Gurgaon, Noida etc - so you can always visit these places easily if you want. Your children grow up in nice Indian culture with Indian customs, traditions, values, principles & Sanskaar. They don't grow up in the stupid Western

OCI and Verification of Status

dan: Thanks.
MITRON: Some Desi people were so stupid that in the past they used to take Canadian citizenship & Canadian Passport and never used to cancel their Indian passport & Indian citizenship. Then they used to use the Indian passport to travel to India instead of the Canadian passport as they wanted to save the
MITRON: PIO was very easy to get & the restrictions were very few as compared to OCI. So lot of people who couldn't get or were eligible for OCI used to apply for PIO. Now these same PIO holders want their PIO to be converted to OCI without fulfilling the original OCI requirements. Hence the Indian government
elmer fudd: When I was converting from PIO to OCI, I was asked for the same. Upon inquiring as to why, I was told that this was due to fraud being committed by desis. Didn't probe any further as to what kind of frauds were being committed, but I reckon one of them could be the reason MITRON gave above.

Exchanging the INR

MITRON: Note : You can't take into or outside India more than Rs. 25,000 in cash. Foreign currency is allowed much more than that to bring into India in cash, but not INR currency in cash. Q 4. How much Indian currency can be brought in while coming into India? Ans. A resident of India, who has gone
MITRON: Yes they do. But the exchange rate might not be that great. Also you have to worry about Counterfeit notes. Someone who doesn't use INR cash on a day to day basis, might not be able tell the difference between the real & fake notes. Old banned 500,1000 notes - new 500, 2000 notes after demonetization
geetakhanna: Thanks for your detailed responses - Full House and Mitron. A friend was asking - and I realized I had no clue whatsoever - since we dont go to India often and when we do - we carry USD for any emergencies - but transfer INR to our Indian bank accounts before we leave. I hear that the Indian stores in Brampton also exchange the INR?

Misrepresentation of data

Full House: Duplicate
Full House: Let me go a little slower here to explain what it is that you can do to get an e-visa for a visit. Does it mean that you have to travel right now? NO. So, prepare for what ever the process is and submit a request after preparing well. Pay the Visa Fees and obtain their approval and an e-Visa. That way
ajay1joshi70: Dear Full House , You mentioned "criminal rehabilitation". Does misrepresentation fall under "criminal rehabilitation" ? Can I apply along with my wife for a visit visa (citing daughter's graduation ceremony) in general application ? Kindly advise Ajay
ajay1joshi70: A big Thank you to Many, Full House and Mitron for your kind words and support and the valuable information. Dear Full House, Thanks once again ! I will certainly seek your help in this regards !
MITRON: I will be gone for some time. Busy with both my personal & professional life. Sobe able to contribute to this forum or visit this forum for a while. Ciao or Au Revoir ( as the French Canadians would say )

How to replace a lost IMM 1000 document for OCI application?

dan: Guys i need this document for pio to oci and i dont have it since it was 15 years ago that i had to use it for landing and the indian authorities are asking for the landing papers. thanks for any help. VOS takes 6 months and as you may be aware pio card is invalid as of oct 31 2018.
bittenkitten: Just went through this and thought I'd share my experience. After contacting CIC twice, the second agent was very helpful and told me that what I have to do is fill out the replacement application again and write a letter of explanation describing why I need the immigration category on the document. I
Full House: - Here is a link to the Application. LINK - Verification of Status Document A Verification of Status document will contain information that appeared on your original Record of Landing, Confirmation of Permanent Residence, Work Permit, Study Permit or other immigration documents.

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