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Covid-19 test requirement for travelers from Toronto to Ahemdabad

Full House: Nucleic acid-based testing is also called PCR, or molecular testing. This test is the gold standard used in Canada and abroad to diagnose active COVID-19 infection in patients with symptoms.Aug 26, 2020 Take
RBO: Hello, My parents had a pre-booked tickets for 23rd August, 2020 to fly from Toronto to Ahmadabad but Air India canceled their flight because of ongoing Coronovirus issue. Now Air India asking to

Delhi Elections - AAPic Battle

zindabad: LINK Kejruddin refuses to raise hands
Text-align: I don't expect anything better from brainless people. This the comedy I like. Thanks for doing it.
zindabad: BJP Vote Share in Delhi 32.3% in 2015 38.8% in 2020. 6.5% Increase AAP vote share in Delhi 54.3% in 2015 53.6% in 2020 . 0.7% Decrease Why no journalist is calling it moral victory like they do every time when BJP win ?
metouk: आखिरकार कांग्रेस की शतरंजी बिसात

AdharCARD - OCI- MutualFund in INDIA

fertooos: Every country can turn your life in a mess with their contradicting rules and regulations. I am from the UK, LINK Though it is a highly developed country, there are also many queer demands and bureaucracy that make a lot of obstacles to people in certain questions.
ChandraGupt: those OCI card holders without AdharCard still have Mutual funds in india-its time to sell MF as 31st march2018 is last date to link adhar & save Capital gain tax LINK क्या
MITRON: Its just an automated email, which they keep sending, so ignore it.
ChandraGupt: CAMS- Mutual Funds service-keep sending such emails to all customers-I received 4th time I guess. - Dear Investor, As per Prevention of Money-Laundering (Maintenance of Records) Second Amendment

India's political landscape

Full House: Up until an year ago I used to hear about tik-tok in a lot of news and announcements. Then all of a sudden they all changed it to Quick-Take. I never investigated it to find the right reason. Now tik-tok is a thing of the past.
Flexderec: Why is tiktok being blocked in India? I see post here xxxxxx What do you think about it? How to bypass blocking?
Flexderec: Raghav are really entertaining
Garvo Gujarati: I really feed bad about good people who blindly supported Kejriwal even after his numbers of U-turns. Anyway things get corrected over the period of time and now the true colors of the demon are surfaced.
zindabad: psychopath - shameless Kejru begging to Sheila Dixit and Congress to do " Gathbandhan " . I remember there was an old movie " Delhi ka Thug " .. This psychopath believes that delhi people are chu**ya ...


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Desi Channels : Jaadoo / TV Desi / Roku /YuppTV

fertooos: what about seo?
Aurora TV: Please stop posting your ad here.
Aurora TV: No advertising in charcha please.
Heart Stealer: Thanks Ashwaniji I tried calling Raj @ 416 846 6360 but it is going to voice mail. I will try again Thanks
AshwaniG: XXXXXXX - Duplicate
AshwaniG: *****Deleted by OP******
Heart Stealer: Does any one know if there is an IPTV box that gives Indian Channels live? Which IPTV is currently the best to buy and from where. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!
cool girl: I installed AJ Addon but its not working. When I click on TV desi zone, kodi freezes and I have to restart it. I tried to look online for solution and someone mentioned in kodi there are many addons that don't work. To test I downloaded kodi 14 on my laptop. AJ addon works for some shows not for ones I watch.
Blue_Peafowl: Install Totalxbmc: link to installed step by step : LINK Imp ADDONS: SportDevil - all live channel ( incl Indian) Fun & Movie : for indian movies EntertainHub - all movies ( incl hollywood/bollywood) AJ ADDON - all indian series ( btw i tried to called u twice but went on VoiceMsg :) )

US Investor Green Card : Business Ideas ?

Wobbzy: Lately, I'm looking at St. Louis Wings and I'm thinking of their franchising opportunities. I read about them here LINK Since I find St.Louis quite stable and promising I think opening its restaurant is a decent business plan. What're your thoughts on it?
fertooos: Having one million in hands I would not be interested in Green Card. Especially taking into account that you will need to invest this money. In other words, you can simply lose it. What is the point? I am from LINK . And I would better invest this sum in property and not Green Card.
Delhite: I like it. It is so true for so many of us. :-).
Blue_Peafowl: YAAR muje to baksh do :) :) :) - i can be anything but salesman :) i'm very bad at speech.... apana to sidhha kaam hai- take or or leave it : attitude - also, i try to stay away doing business with friends to make life simple. BTW: it's ok TK,,, all cool , no need to justify - u r like " ADDAT SAY MAJABUR " :) :) :)

PEO Technical Exams Solution

Full House: A FEW QUESTIONS ARE HERE. As for answers please follow their requirements. Even some of your own answers if approved may get you a few answers written by the others. (Better than Nothing) Also there are coaches who will give you a great help for a fee and get you through the EXAMS in flying colours.
fabiodelattre: Hi. I'm looking for some help in the past exams for Management of Construction. There is no much answers for past exam question on Chegg or other mean. Is there anybody who has those questions done?
Full House: Hope this helps. A5 QUALITY PLANNING.: LINK 2016 Fall?? 2016..: LINK 2015..: LINK 2015..:

COVID-19 Related News

Full House: Eli Lilly says its monoclonal antibody cocktail is effective in treating Covid-19 By MATTHEW HERPER @matthewherperOCTOBER 7, 2020Reprints Eli Lilly said Wednesday a monoclonal antibody treatment is effective in reducing levels of the virus that causes Covid-19 in patients, and also appears to prevent
llzz101: cbsnews media reported that the new coronavirus has infected more than 400,000 Americans and killed nearly 15,000 people in the country. The American surgeon, Dr. Jerome Adams, is at the forefront of the effort, trying to convey a message to the country to continue to maintain a distance from society and proper sanitation to "smooth the curve."
Full House: BEFORE THE COVID APPEARED THERE IN CHINA... The “before times” seem like a decade ago, doesn’t it? Those carefree days when hugging friends and shaking hands wasn’t a forbidden thing, when we didn’t have to reach for a mask before leaving our homes, or forage for supplies of hand sanitizer. Oh, for the days when social distancing wasn’t part of our vernacular.

URGENT :Health insurance after completing studies during the implied status

mongadeep: I come across many persons who are in Canada but they do not have any OHIP (Medical) coverage. This could be because of your: 1. waiting for Work Permit, 2. completed your studies, 3. in queue for PR and 4. landed as PR but do not have OHIP in the first 90 days etc. Just yesterday one student who is joining Saskatchewan Technical but landing in Toronto asked for Medical Coverage.
Full House: Home Health and wellness Health cards, eligibility and coverage Apply for OHIP and get a health card The Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) pays for many health services you may need. Here’s how to apply for OHIP and get a health card. Download Registration for Ontario Health Insurance Coverage form As of March 19, 2020 we are waiving the three-month waiting period for OHIP coverage.
sajmad: I am already inside Canada and recently finished my studies and my UHIP EXPIRED and I am now WITHOUT ANY HEALTH INSURANCE. I am in an implied status and looking for a health coverage. I would prefer also having coverage for outpatient visits / medication in addition to the emergency one. Please advise, as it appears i'll have to buy some travel health insurance though i am already in Canada :) ...

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FrankStuertz: Maybe weight achieve causes diabetes in some folks however not others. People who lose weight usually see their blood sugar enhance, however that’s likely an effect of calorie reduction quite than weight loss.In the current study, we sought to better understand why females and males exhibit different compensatory food consuming behaviors in response to regular train. Healthy Nutri Shop Using a compelled treadmill train paradigm, we measured weight gain, energy expenditure, meals intake in actual time, and the anorectic effects of leptin.Adults who face weight stigmatization and discrimination report consuming elevated quantities of food , and suspending or avoiding medical care . Stigmatization and bias on the part of health care practitioners is nicely-documented, resulting in lower quality care .

Any one recently applied for Citizenship ?

jigz787: I would like to know how much time does it take to receive acknowledgement from the time we send the application by mail ? If anyone recently applied can comment please? I sent a family member's application in May 2020 and still waiting for their acknowledgement letter. I understand things are slow due to virus but just wondering.


Full House: ENJOY LISTENING TO THIS GAZAL.. 270 million and counting. The range and the flawless performance merits a review. LINK FH. From COKE Studio. Please use SUB TITLES. UPDATE.: 10th OCT 2020. Afreen Afreen is a ghazal song written by Javed Akhtar and composed by Nusrat Fateh Ali ... As of June 2020, it had 302 million views on YouTube and become the most viewed Pakistani-origin ... Songs with lyrics by Javed Akhtar · Coke Studio (Pakistani TV program) · 2016 singles · Urdu-language songs · Pakistani songs.

cannot post a classified in Canadian desi

Renntv: trying to post classified in Canadian desi.bt it always giving me an error message. Can now submit—-pls delete this post

Claudia Hirschfield on the new Electronic Organ.

Full House: One of the prodigies of the past with her own line of Musical Equipment. ENJOY. FH. LINK

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