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Child travel with OCI on old Canadian passport

cdn_dude: We do it ALL the time - never had an issue. Do not bother about getting a new OCI booklet just to have a new passport number. Try minimizing your number of interactions with the Indian Consulate.
Full House: I found a good link for you to browse and ask them for details. FH. LINK - xxxx EDIT.: Bureau of Immigration ( India ) Guidelines regarding OCI Card holders. 1. ...
konax: Hi, Can someone with actual experience or confirmed knowledge please let me know if my 8-year old daughter would be able to travel with her existing OCI booklet that has her old Canadian passport number?

Open Letter from Mayank Gandhi to AAP Volunteers

Full House: India risks US sanctions following $5 billion Russia defence deal. : Russia, India set to sign $5 billion arms deal New Delhi (CNN)India could soon be faced with the threat of US sanctions following
Full House: ARM TWISTING OR IS IT GOING TO BE A THREAT? Mattis and Pompeo to Seek India Accord Amid Threat of Sanctions Tony Capaccio September 03 2018, 7:00 AM September 04 2018, 6:28 AM (Bloomberg) - U.S.
rajcanada: IAS officers in Delhi report to LG who is central government's representative which is unlike any state where IAS officers report to state government. If orders come from "above" to stall the work, what will the IAS officers do?
zindabad: Again Kejriwal is on Dharna ... SOONER KEJRIWAL GOES THE BETTER. All is now in the hands of Delhites. A person with nuisance value is highly accepted in Trade Union and Politics but when it comes to governance, such persons are required to be shown the door.

Foreign Indicia - CRS & FATCA declaration . Should I say Yes or No ?

goldeneye: I have been asked the same as well. if we do not respond they will mark our accounts un documented it seems
MITRON: I guess NO should be the answer. Am I right ?
MITRON: So I have been asked for the CRS declaration by Indian bank for NRO/NRE accounts. There is a question regarding "Foreign Indicia" - Yes or No ?? The question preceding that is, Are you

Sell Property with Aadhar Card being required

Smiley: Great link .. Thanks
Many: 20% plus some small cess.
Smiley: Do you know what the TDS rate is for an NRI ?
Many: It helps to have a real-estate agent to execute a sell-buy transaction. He takes care of all required formalities for a consideration of course(commission). Yes there is TDS for an NRI (Mumbai experience)
Smiley: Thanks for your Info I need to sell and not buy ...
Full House: Here is what I heard today. So, please verify the same as soon as you can. Reason is.: That the Real estate Transaction is an illquid asset with low yields and high cost of sales transaction. It is not so easy to find a buyer.


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Starting with Cryptocurrency

Full House: PLEASE READ THROUGH and do your own DD and learn it well for 30 days. Then wear GALOSHES before you get your TOOTSIES WET. It took me Three long years to get to know it. I am still leary about this CRYPTO stuff as it has lost its value and some countries are warning them not to get into them. SO YOU
Inetantewly: Hi, I want to invest in Crypotocurrency but i dont want to be scammed ! Are there websites that are legit? plz send me! Thx LINK - how to get free crypto

Amateur photographer need to cover a community function

chandresh: Thanks for your suggestion Mitron...... and we have done that on previous functions. However, if one wants to cover the whole function nicely and in good quality photos it does not work as desired. People tend to click photos in which they have interest, their families, their friends or their own children performing.
MITRON: How much will they be paid for the event? The best is to create a public Google photos or Flickr album or a public FB page, where all the attendees can click the photos at the event and upload them. Or a semi-private group for the attendees and you can be the moderator/admin of that group. Could be even a WhatsApp group if you want. Then out of all the photos uploaded you can pick and choose the best.
chandresh: Hey friends, we are having a community event (diwali celebrations) for Maheshwaris in GTA at a banquet hall in Brampton. We wonder if there is anyone who does photography as fun activity/hobby and would be willing to cover the event for 4-5 hrs for some extra pocket money and dinner. NO professional

Grade 9 course selection

Full House: Students need to complete a certain number of courses, do community service hours, and pass a literacy test. To graduate from high school and receive an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) students must: Earn 30 credits - 18 credits are compulsory.Oct 28, 2015 Graduation Requirements.: Math:
srpuri: My son will be going to grade 9 next year. Confused between Exploring technologies and Information and communication technology. At university level, he would prefer computer studies or sciences. So which to pick? Please advice, Thank you

ExpressEntryNEW. EDIT 12 7th NOVEMBER 2018.

Full House: PROJECTIONS for the NEXT THREE Years.: The number of Immigrants targeted are 1.3 Million entrants into Canada, for the next three years, including this year, 2018. Canada extends immigration targets into 2021 with prominent roles for Express Entry, PNPs Canada, Visa-canada-multi-year-levels-plan-2018-2021 Canada
Full House: NEWS WE CAN USE..: Highly skilled job seekers from India turning to Canada over U.S., study shows Canada's booming tech sector may be part of the reason for rise in job searches from India. A rising number of job seekers from India are looking for work opportunities in Canada over the United States, with searches for tech jobs leading the way, a recent study says.
Full House: 3000 Invitations sent to each one at-a-time to all of them. Did you get yours. Are you the lucky one this time? If you are.. then, see you here soon. LINK Some useful information to the new-comers who are visiting this website today.

Disney parks

AshwaniG: Register yourself on cruisecritic.com. You can post your itinerary and 100's of specialized agents will bid on it. Lowest not necessarily will be best. Make sure that you are getting same perks like 1. On boarding credit 2. Tips included 3. View 4. Deck level 5. Drinks package Cost of a disney cruise for a family of four is typically from 8 to 10 K depending on the type of room you chose.
Full House: This is a typical Cruise cost. Please select a date and the length of the Cruise you want to avail. Good Luck. FH. LINK LINK LINK
Panasonic: Thank you very much for info.

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Full House: Winning recipe. BUTTER CHICKEN LASAGNE. Rick Matharu's butter chicken lasagne recipe. Mmmmm GOOD.! TORONTO A Brampton man is $250,000 richer after his recipe won the grand prize on the Food Network Canada show Recipe to Riches. Rick Matharu received the highest number of online votes from Canadians for his Butter Chicken Lasagna on the season finale of the competitive reality series Wednesday night. I just want to thank Canada for this amazing opportunity. Its a dream come true for me and it wouldnt be possible without the support of Canada, so thank you, a jubilant Matharu said from his home Thursday. What will they think of,,NEXT? Anybody wants to come up with a good one!! FH. LINK

Jobs available

smiley1: WestRock (paper and packaging company) at Etobicoke (730 Islington Ave) is currently looking for 30 permanent machine operators to start immediately. Must be available to work rotating shifts per week (morning, afternoon, night). Starting wage: $16.53 per hour, union plant, with excellent benefits and wage increases. If interested, please send in your resume at Natasha.khanna@westrock.com.

Where to advertise

Panasonic: We recently moved to Cambridge city Ontario. My wife is Henna/Mehndi Artist. Is there any place where she can advertise, any website in waterloo region. Where she can get maximum response.

Discussion on article: Tips for getting Canadian Student Visa

Ishu3088: Article is located here: /article.php?SID=2&AID=17 HI , Good evening to all of you out there. i am all set to apply for a master course in one of the university in canada. i want to understand that if whether i can get a family visa( which includes my 23 months old daughter & my husband(for work visa)) to support me while i am studying.

Please post ad's in classifieds section

basement1: No ads in charcha

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