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    Success Story of a Desi Military Officer with Engineering Background 
    By PakistaniEngineer
    Having read many stories at this forum, I feel like to share mine story too. I am a retired military officer (equivalent to Major) who offered best ti.... 
    man from Mississauga, has been charged with murder 
    By HennaNOW
    By The Canadian Press ADVERTISEMENT MISSISSAUGA, Ont. - A 57-year-old man from Mississauga, Ont., has been charged with murder after his 16-yea.... 
    By HennaNOW
    Henna is absolutley safe! Taken from a plant, the finely ground leaves make a paste (usually green in color) which is applied to the feet and hands as.... 
    By Garvo Gujarati
    Owning a Home is the Most Likely Indicator of Feeling Settled TORONTO, September 24, 2007 A new study from RBC and Ipsos Reid shows a large maj.... 
    Insuring your biggest investment--- your home 
    By Hardy9
    Your home is probably the biggest investment you'll ever make. when arranging mortgage,your mortgage company offer you mortgage insurance. have you co.... 
    My Immigrant journey 
    By granrey
    Let me summarize everything in the following words: A)Work I have worked as a janitor, security guard and my latest job " Home Estimator". I sta.... 
    victimization of males, An anatical overview 
    By panasia1234
    by: Zia-ur-Rehman Ahmed( panasia1234) How extensive is the abuse and victimization of males? The numbers tell many different stories depending up.... 
    Gender Issues in canada , An Analysis 
    By panasia1234
    by: Zia-ur -Rehman Ahmed (panasia1234) In the present state of society it appears necessary to go back to first principles in search of the most si.... 
    Credit Know The Score - How Canadian Credit Bureau Works!! 
    By Kuljit Singh
    We know that most lenders pulls "Credit Bureau" generated by "Equifax" however RBC pulls Trans Union only. We thought you would like to know some info.... 
    Canada is Land of Opportunity - I love Canada 
    By sarmaalo
    Let me share my experience of coming to Canada as an immigrant. I landed on 25-Jul-05 from Detroit, USA and my family came on Dec 2005 after I got a .... 
    The Negative and Positive Sides of Being in Canada 
    These are in general positive and negative points with doubts in minds of weather to migrate Canada of not. The situation could be different person to.... 
    Why we are here in Canada? Don't we Love out Back Home? 
    By Piyush
    0. If I will pay for your ticket for back home you will ready to go there, why because you love your back home still. 1. Media there in our back ho.... 
    Vancouver Vs. Toronto ( A Detailed Desi Perspective + PICS ) 
    By DesiboY
    Having lived mostly in Montreal, Ottawa, and Toronto I decided it was time to take a trip out west to Vancouver, British Columbia. I had never be.... 
    Desi Network Makes lot of 
    By Piyush
    We should creat a desi network to show our skills to our desi proffessionals. There are many desi who are doing good jobs in Canada, they will guide u.... 
    Viva la Vancouver, Are You Serious? 
    By Abhinav3d
    Hi, I recently came upon this site. Great site. It feels good to meet fellow desis. Looks like some guys from Ahmedabad too. My main reason for w.... 
    Think Positive-2 
    By 7wonders
    Hi readers. First of all thanks for reading my articles and rate my article. I am again here to write on same topic but today also one of our re.... 
    Canada Day..... 
    By jagatshah
    Dear Canadian Citizens & wellwishers of CANADA , 1 July 1867 was a great day , for on that day , a great nation was born .... CANADA ..... .... 
    Garbage Furniture 
    By Surti
    It was Kanji and familys first day at basement apartment. First in Toronto, first in Canada and first in their life. They landed in Toronto just a .... 
    En cash benefits from Canadian government 
    By paresh
    Hi folks, We all are educated and experienced immigrants. We all are doing labour jobs. Why?......Why are you not getting a job in your field? Why ar.... 
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