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    I am coming AGAIN to Canada....Its my Dream Country 
    By PMA
    Hi Friends I am going through Canadiandesi website around 6 months now. I have also posted some messages with different username. I am readin.... 
    By shankaracharya
    Hi, I'm posting in this website, after a gap of 1.5 years. Initially I wanted to call this the progress report, but changed my mind to call it the .... 
    My share of the Story 
    By sintl
    Hello Everyone First off let me start off by saying this. Success story is a success story no matter what field u feel u r successful in. The reaso.... 
    success ( ? ) story... 
    By anujark
    Hi all, Sorry for a long silence. We landed in Oct 04 and spent first few months in hunting for a job. that involved everything from attending India .... 
    My success story: Nine years as an immigrant 
    By Chris
    Nine years as an immigrant: Progress report Well, it has been a bumpy road since leaving Canada in 1995 but I feel that I have found my place and.... 
    Never say NO to any job. Every job is respectable. 
    By mini1978
    Dear all, After reading couple of success stories here I thought I should share my experiences with u. I landed here in 2002 summer. My husband was.... 
    Success Story of a Systems Analyst 
    By Jai_bharat
    Hi fellow desi friends, I'm not sure if this would qualify as a success story, but here goes : 1. When did you come to Canada? Oct 2000 2. .... 
    India to Alaska to Canada to India to Canada 
    By ftbps
    Dear Canadian Friends, Thank you for taking time off and reading my article. My article will really help you to plan everything about Canada. I wil.... 
    I am not coming to Canada, No no - Coming Now! 
    By VJ
    Dear All, The most awaited day, for which I waited for 3 years came in my life and I WAS NOT HAPPY. I got the waiver on 18th June. Let me list out .... 
    My post landing experience of Canada 
    By Mishtar India
    Friends, This is my first message on my post landing experience in Toronto last month. The last 4 weeks have been full of surprises and Id like to .... 
    Welcome to Canada - A land of opportunities 
    By happyji
    WELCOME TO CANADA: THE LAND OF OPPORTUNITIES Hello Canadian Desi friends, I just saw the article very well written by Chandresh, titled Is Cana.... 
    How to get success? 
    By Deda
    I stumbled upon Canadian Desi today just by pure fluke. My boss advised me to put an advert in the classified section of this awesome web page. I just.... 
    The Biggest Battles 
    By Jacob
    Hi, Ive been in Canada for 7 years now and wanted to give you a perspective of my experience. Even for a 24 yr old I was doing pretty well i.... 
    I want to move.... 
    By RAJNA
    Hi everyone... I am new to this website ...I stumbled across it when I was looking to get information about Canada. Let me just complement everyon.... 
    Information for independent category people 
    By rajas
    Dear Friends, Most people in India or Asian countries are interested to come Canada and settle here.People in India are doing hard work to come here..... 
    One more positive thinker 
    By Rajesh Pandya
    I support the community of positive thinker and those who try harder to get success. Canada is land of opportunity indeed. you have to identify .... 
    Think Positive 
    By 7wonders
    Hi canadian desi readers. I like this site bcaz here its all about us. However I found all of them articles are negative. I read last article ab.... 
    Looosers website or what !!! 
    By sribulusu
    Hi all ..... I have one thing to say....if you all wanna get to the job market stop comparing with other desis and their ideas ( one may ask why th.... 
    Canada - An Immigrants Mirage 
    By Smiley
    We all have dreams and we do strive to be successful in life in our own chosen and selected paths. We all want to do something important and thats wh.... 
    Is Canada the right place for you? 
    By chandresh
    Having been in Canada for almost 3 yrs now, I have seen frustations of many a people, Desi or firangi, professional or graduate only, north or south I.... 
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