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    Hi Folks!

    I am really great full to you people for promptly responding to my question and of course your responses were very effective in a manner as I HAVE MADE MY DECISION!

    Yes, I mean it, your replies were very effectual since I have come up with a result that earlier, I was not able to make. I have determined not to come to the LAND OF OPPURTUNITIES (As they say....). I would like to share my views with you people as I think this may prove helpful for a lot of families who think that moving to Canada is next to moving to seventh heaven.

    Please, go through the following reasons that I (Stress is on word "I", since it varies from person to person) think guided me through to my decision of not coming:

    1. After going through a number of sites, meeting people who have been in Canada and even having telephonic conversations with persons living in Canada I feel that by enlarge the immigrants/foreigners living there are CONFUSED (Please do not take it personally). Now question arises that what sort of confusion I am talking about? The answer is that most of the people (NOT ALL) are CONFUSED ABOUT:
    i) Their decision regarding immigration to Canada, whether it was right or otherwise?
    ii) Their Permanent Resident ship, as the next intention is to get citizenship. (Living 36 months out of 48Quite tough isnt it!)
    iii) Their citizenship, since no appreciable benefit can be drawn form it.
    iv) Their jobs they are performing.
    v) Their educational and professional abilities, that are not utilized by the Canadian employers.
    vi) Their educational enhancements, that requires a lot of money.
    vii) Their childrens religious future, in the absence of religious environment and of course in the presence of legal homosexuality.
    viii) Their childrens overall future, undoubtedly the schooling is free but what about heavy fees at college/university level. They will also have to do low profile jobs to meet both ends at evolutionary stage of their careers. What happens if they able to go through their university level education and gain considerable Canadian Experience. Again, they will have to compete with the local Canadians and Immigrants etc. etc.
    ix) Their parents condition, back home.
    x) Their inability to return to Pakistan/India/their native lands even for a visit due to non-availability of funds.
    xi) Their continuous run after jobs, continuous job hunts and constant switch over.
    xii) Their financial resources, including savings and money they brought with them.
    xiii) Their living conditions including house hold things, furniture etc. as some one in an article said that he was lucky enough to gather used things courtesy Canadian garbage drums.
    xiv) The medical facility that is free, but what to do with the goofy doctors.
    xv) Little babies, where to leave them if the mother also wants to, rather, has to work to meet ends. Expensive baby sittings.
    xvi) The Canadian weather, difficult to cop with.
    xvii) The Canadian Natural Beauty, as financial restraints does not allow them to spend a lot of money on traveling, visiting places.
    xviii) Their family coherence, since everybody is running after money just to keep the ball rolling.
    xix) Returning to their native lands, that what people will say? What about the money we spent? What about the time we have wasted? What about the resources we left behind while leaving? And finally what we will do now?

    My dear friends, so many times I have compared all the benefits I can extract from Canadian living and the benefits I am enjoying over here (although not overwhelming). The result came out 1 Go Ahead to 9 Stay Where You Are.

    Being 32 years old father of three children below 6 years of age, only son of parents above 70 years of age and wife who can hardly speak English, I am not convinced enough to move to Canada.

    For those who may ask that why did you applied if you were not interested in going to Canada? Quite simple, it was almost more than four years ago and every body knows that priorities of life change with time. At that time I was interested to move to Canada at any cost and at present I know that I may have to pay huge cost if I move to Canada.

    I hope my above opinions will not hurt anybody as I still believe that people who have taken this brave decision (moving to Canada) will definitely achieve their goals.

    Being witnessed by masses of people in Lahore and even all over Pakistan, painted/printed on most of the Rikshaws, Taxis, Trucks and other public transport Mehnat Kar, Hasad Na Kar means Work Yourselves Hard, Dont Feel Jealous of Others.

    Best of Luck to You All

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