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  • The King Of All Shows- Friends

    By jenicascot

    Friends is undoubtedly the king of sitcoms all over the world. When looking for a perfect mix of comedy, drama, friendship and satire, ‘Friends’ always scores the top position in terms of production, direction, comedy punches and the overall script. It was first broadcasted on national television on September 22, 1994 and it has come a long way by entertaining people from all age groups, particularly the youth. The series is also available on DVD. One can also watch friends series online for free without any hassle.
    The show focuses on the lives of six friends who live in Manhattan .

    The six main characters are : Jennifer Anniston as Rachel Green. She is a fashion lover and Monica Gellar’s best friend from high school. Courtney Cox plays the role of Monica Gellar who is famous for her bossy and perfectionist style. She works as a chef in various restaurants in the entire series. The third character is Lisa Kudrow who portrays Phoebe Buffay who is a silly personality but also at the same time is street smart. She writes and sings her own songs. She marries Paul Rudd who is portrayed as Mike Hannigan in the last season.

    The character of Joey Tribiani is played by Matt Leblanc who is a struggling actor. He is depicted as a ‘womanizer’ having many short term girlfriends. Despite of being a Casanova and a womanizer, Joey is soft hearted and a person with best intentions. He also falls in love with Rachel in the eighth season. Matthew Perry plays the character of Chandler Bing who is an executive working for a large multinational. He is popular for his bad luck in relationships and his sense of humor which is mostly sarcastic. And las but not the least the character of Ross Gellar is played by David Schwimmer who is Monica’s elder brother a professor at New York University . Ross and Rachel share an on and off affair and at the end of season eight they have a daughter. They also confess that they are in love with each other in the last season.

    The entire series revolves around the lives of these six friends and is all about love, relationships, careers etc. It is about the time of youth wherein everything is in your hand and one can achieve anything in life. It also focuses on the importance of friendship as when you are alone in a city your friends serve as a family to you. None the less this television show is the favorite of everyone around the world and has inspired many other shows as well. It has made a psychological impact on the minds of people. For instance Jennifer Anniston’s hairstyle was copied throughout the world and became very popular. With so much of stuff going on in the lives of these six friends, it is very difficult to miss even a single episode of the series. To solve this problem one can now watch Friends online for free. Various websites are now available which help viewers to watch Friends series online. These websites allow you to watch , stream, rate Friends online. Even full episodes of Friends are also available for free. These websites are spam free and provide extra features like viewer ratings, Friends episode guide, reviews, forums etc. So log on to and watch friends online for free.

    I have written this article. I pen for magazines and online blogs. I have interest in watching television shows and reading novels. I watch Friends online as it is my favorite show.

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