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    By samirchopra


    President and founder of Asian American Coalition USA (since 1988) Dr. Parveen Chopra who is a well known celebrated leader in American public life with many prestigious and national awards like Liberty Bell Award on LAW DAY USA 2010 for his civil rights work in America, Haywood Burns Memorial Award for 2009 for civil rights, Dr. Martin Luther King Award for 2005 for civil and human rights movement in America for twenty years as a commissioner of Human Rights and as it’s chairperson, Ellis Island Medal of Honors for 2005 for significant contributions to American public life, One Hundred Blackmen Award for 2003 for improving Indian and African-American community relations etc. among many other awards said we had to create a national Asian American Coalition USA Hall of Fame Awards to honor outstanding Americans and Asians to the AACUSA Hall of Fame. Americans have recognized and honored the work of so many outstanding Asians that we felt obliged to honor and induct outstanding Americans for their national and international contributions on a national Asian platform. We appreciate what other great Americans have done for us and new we want to do the same in a mutually appreciative way.

    It is astonishing that Indians as part of Asians community have lived in USA for over four decades while other Asians have spent over one hundred years that they still do not have any national platform to honor Americans and other Asians. African Americans who account for over thirty million have powerful national platforms like National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, Urban League, Dr. Martin Luther King Foundation, One Hundred Black Men Inc. etc. where even the President of USA will attend and honor outstanding Americans on their behalf annually. Similarly the thirty four million Hispanic Americans have a strong coalition in the form of Coalition of American Spanish Associations which provides strong advocacy for their causes and recognizes contributions of others. When it comes to the Asians who account for 14.9 million in the recent census of America there is no known national platform either for their own Asian advocacy or to relate to other communities or to recognize their leadership or contributions to America and international community. We are trying to build a dirt road that will lead to an airport to take off from AACUSA INC. The Fourth Conglomeration of fourteen Asian countries in America inducted seven outstanding Americans to the AAC USA Hall of Fame Awards for the second time in 2010 in New York.

    Asian groups have fascinating cultures that they have brought with them and perfected it to suit their tastes and have achieved so much in America professionally and entrepreneurially, but they are still absorbed in themselves at their own country level. The fascinating and thrilling stories of their achievements and their fascinating cultures need to be spread out beyond their own community and shared with the larger world in America. The information technology now has given us the tools to add a certain degree of immortality to the work and contributions of such communities that could last for decades and centuries and give a sense of glorious history to immigrant communities in future.

    The AAC USA 2010 Hall of Fame inductees included a galaxy of stars who have done very distinguished work not only in America but also internationally by improving the lives of so many people in so many ways: by bringing change through a successful strategy to use government resources to change the lives of millions of people and create a climate to foster entrepreneurship and by cutting taxes for the common man, creating more than 15,000 jobs during his seven terms as a legislator, creating a senior citizen and community center, and receiving Congressional Award for community service (Life Time Achievement Award for Nassau County Executive Honorable Edward P. Mangano, AACUSA Hall of Fame Honoree-USA); or by giving judicial decisions at supreme court level on leading case laws to guide the judicial system in both civil and criminal cases that remove the inequities in the social, economic and political systems (New York State Supreme Court Justice Honorable Daniel Palmieri, Hall of Fame Honoree-USA ); or by setting up a great Institute of Indian Culture in the form of Bhavan USA, organizing eighth World Hindi Conference at the United Nations, authoring over sixteen books in several languages, organizing most elegant functions at Lincoln Center, Avery Fisher Hall to showcase Indian culture and being honored with national awards like Padma Shri in 2009 and Bharatiya Samman Award in 2006 (Dr. Panchapakesa Jayaraman, Hall of Fame Honoree-India); or by superbly leading the activities of the largest mosque in Manhattan as Imam, presiding over the affairs of Indonesian Muslim Community in New York, founding Universal Clergy Coalition International, becoming “Ambassador of Peace” for International Religious Federation in 2002, being awarded 2009 Ellis Island Medal of Honor for building bridges of understanding and representing in The White House on interfaith discussions (Imam Shamsi Ali, Hall of Fame Honoree-Indonesia); orby illuminating minds by outstanding research and teaching at world famous institutions like Columbia, NYU, New York Public Library, Nanging, Chanchun, Tamakang, East China Normal Univ., advisor to Beijing, China and other countries, presiding over Books for China Fund, also presiding over U.S.-China Cultural and Economic Council, New York (John T. Ma, Hall of Fame Honoree-China); or by leading as a professor in Rehabilitation Medicine at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, creating many patents including safety cannjula, pneumatic limb exsanguinations device etc., mitigating the effects of natural calamities by helping flood victims in Dhaka, BanglaDesh in 1987 and in Nepal in 1993, running charity clinics and medical camps in Nepal, Bronx and upstate New York, presiding over the America-Nepal Friendship Society as well as Association of Nepali Terrain in America (Dr. Binod P. Shah, Hall of Fame Honoree-Nepal); or by earning a rare Ph.D. in music education in Japan and training many teachers at the Taichung Teachers College and assisting many colleges to conduct their choruses in Taiwan. Giving highly successful performances with Taiwan Center Chorus and Tenafly Singers at the Avery Fisher Hall, Lincoln Center and at Alice Tully Hall several times (Dr. Ping-Heng Chen, Hall of Fame Honoree-Taiwan)


    America Life Time Achievement Award
    Honorable Edward P. Mangano: Nassau County Executive representing 1.3 million people since 2010. Served as Nassau County Legislator for 17th Legislative District for seven terms. Created more than 15,000 jobs. Created Senior Citizen and Community Center. Congressional Award for community service among many others. On the Board of many charitable organizations like Children’s House Inc. etc. Cut down $22 million in taxes in the very first 100 days in office. Has plans to reduce $100 million more and decrease property taxes.

    Honorable Justice Daniel Palmieri: Judge in Nassau County Court and Acting Justice of the New York Supreme Court presiding over civil and criminal cases. Serving judiciary since 1994. Previously served in District Courts and Judicial Hearing Officer in Nassau and Suffolk counties. A brilliant scholar and speaker on jurisprudence. Excelled in academics, and editor of monthly law journal. Published many trend setting legal decisions in New York State Official Reporter and New York Law Journal. Previously served in well known law firms.

    Mr. John T. Ma: Extensive teaching and research at several world known public libraries and universities: Columbia, NYU, New York Public Library, Nanjing Univ., Chanchun Univ. Tamakang Univ., East China Normal Univ., etc. Advisor to Foreign Language and Teaching Research Press, Beijing, China and other countries. President, Books-for-China Fund, Flushing, New York. President, U.S.-China Cultural and Economic Council, New York.

    Dr. Panchapakesa Jayaraman: Founder of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan USA in New York City a premium Institute of Indian culture and Languages. Organized eighth World Hindi conference at the United Nations in partnership with Government of India. Organized several programs at Avery Fisher Hall, Lincoln Center etc. Authored 16 books in several languages and still writing more volumes. President of India honored him with highest prestigious national awards: Padma Shri (2009) and Parvasi Bharatiya Samman Award (2006) and many others.

    Imam Shamsi Ali: Chairman of Indonesian Muslim Community in New York and Imam of the Islamic Cultural Center of New York. Board Member of many inter faith organizations. Founded Universal Clergy Coalition International. Attended White House interfaith discussion in 2007. Appointed “Ambassador for Peace” by International Religious Federation in 2002. Awarded 2009 Ellis Island Medal of Honor for building bridges among religious communities.

    Dr. Binod P. Shah:Asst. Prof. of Rehabilitation Medicine at Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Helped flood victims in Dhaka, BanglaDesh in 1987. Ran a charity clinic and medical camps for those who could not afford in Nepal. Helped flood victims in Nepal in 1993. Helped under served Americans in Bronx, Queens and upstate New York. President of America-Nepal Friendship Society. President of Association of Nepali Terrain in America. Holds many patents including Safety Cannula as well as Pnuematic Limb Exsanguination Device.

    Dr. Ping-Heng Chen: Earned Ph.D. in music education in Japan and worked as a professor of music at the Taichung Teachers College. Assisted many colleges to conduct their choruses around the country. His major accomplishments include performances with the Taiwan Center Chorus and Tenafly Singers at Avery Fisher Hall, Lincoln Center and at Alice Tully Hall at Lincoln Center several times.

    Honorable Tom Dinapoli, Comptroller for the State of New York while addressing the Hall of fame 2010 inductees, leaders of fourteen Asian countries and cultural groups present representing Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Burma, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Sri Lanka and Taiwan congratulated the honorees and commended the Asian American Coalition for acting as such a strong foundation of cultural and ethnic identity. Honorable Dinapoli said, “the rich heritage of the Asian American community in New York has had a deep and lasting influence on our entire state. He said your commitment to nurturing relationships and promoting understanding among diverse cultural groups is admirable and serves as an example to us all”. New York City Councilman Honorable Peter Koo said, “I commend the great work done by the leadership of AAC USA who are bringing great honor to the Asian American community in New York as well as America.” Assemblywoman Honorable Grace Meng also supported the pioneering work of AAC USA and congratulated the honorees for their great accomplishments in building the bridges of understanding in America.

    New York State Governor Hon. David A. Paterson indicated, “Since its founding, the Coalition also has been committed to increasing the visibility of Asian American communities across this State and Nation by fostering the positive development of Asian culture and identity, and strengthening relations with other communities and countries. In providing a voice for the entire Asian population, you cultivate greater understanding and appreciation of your shared heritage.” New York City Mayor Hon. Michael R. Bloomberg said, “ …and I commend AACUSA for ensuring that hard-working people of many different backgrounds have the opportunity to pursue their dreams here in the United States.” United States Senator Charles E. Schumer said, “Since its founding the AAC has dedicated itself to promoting the social, cultural, and entrepreneurial endeavors of the Asian-American community in New York and around the country. Through working with government officials, local agencies, and community groups the AAC has improved the quality of life for many New Yorkers. I applaud and commitment and dedication the Asian American Coalition has provided to the Asian-American community and New York.” New York City Comptroller Hon. John C. Liu indicated, “The AAC continuously strives to improve understanding and relations among Asian countries and your commitment to excellence, service and leadership has made an impact on all communities.” Senator Frank Padavan pointed out, “Thanks to the vision of President and Founder Dr. Parveen Chopra and countless members, the Asian American Coalition USA, Inc. has embodied the distinct characteristics that make our community great.” Honorable John Venditto the Town of Oyster Bay Supervisor said, “For over two decades, your wonderful organization has made many meaningful contributions toward the advancement of this nation and its ideals and for this, I thank you. On behalf of the Town of Oyster Bay, I commend President Chopra and the officers, staff and supporters of the Asian American Coalition Inc. for their tireless work in bringing greater diversity and promoting understanding among cultural groups in all of our communities at large.”

    The fourth cultural extravaganza program was a great hit and had many stars from various countries performing on the same stage in New York City. Traditional dance of Sri Lanka was performed by Vigneshwari & Group. “A Little Umbrella” was presented very gracefully by Taiwan Center Chorus Dance Group and “Taiwenese Folk Song Medley” by Jack Hsu, Erhu Virtuoso of Hsu-nami Hard Rock. Ridgewood Nepali Society presented national song – Pashchim Koi Purva Ghar (Your calling has brought you to the west but your home and heart are in the east) brought many nostalgic moments across cultures. Another Nepalese dance was presented to the heart warming sounds of audience where the dancer obliged their most appreciative sections by throwing small rubber balls to them that were received with great reverence with heart warming sounds from the audience. Goha Qureshi presented Pakistani poetry with subtle emotions. Korean women gave a very exubrant and graceful drum dance. India was represented by Virsa Punjabi Bhangra Team which gave a fantastic energetic and vibrant dance on vigorous Bhangra beats on a drum that created special energy in the audience. Chineese presented their “Good Wishes” through a solo folk dance by Ms. Yiling Li. Another Chinese presentation was an instrumental music that was superbly played touching the souls and filling the hearts with deep and subtle emotions that can not be described. Mr. Sridhar Shanmugum, Vice President of Cultural Affairs coordinated the cultural extravaganza.

    AACUSA has done wonderful work in the past. Some of the shining examples are organizing Jackson Heights Merchants Association (1988), Flushing Merchants Association (1989), improving services and equipment as reported by mass media on Train No.7 by holding public hearings with MTA, improving relations and understanding among Asian countries by holding reception for delegations from India and Pakistan that came to attend U.N. sessions which was covered by many Asian television and radio networks and by providing representation to elected officials on the issues of discrimination, immigration and liaison with government.

    Dr. Chopra heartily thanked the distinguished leaders of America like Nassau County Police Commissioner, Consul General of Nepal Honorable Amrit Rai, Ambassador and Director General of Taipei His Excellence Andrew J.C. Kao, New York City Councilman and now Comptroller Honorable John Liu, Assemblywoman Honorable Grace Meng, and Senator Frank Padavan who helped the eight inaugural inductees for 2009 to be admitted to the AACUSA Hall of Fame last year. They included Reverend & Dr. Reginald Tuggle (America), Mr. Antonio Patino (South America), Mr. Golam Mehraj (Bangladesh), Mr. Fred Fu (China), Dr. Uma Mysorekar (India), Dr. Tara Niraula (Nepal), Mr. Tsewang Sherpalama (Nepal) and Mr. Thomas Chen (Taiwan). They like this year’s stars are our icons and bridges. They have crossed the bridges and created glorious examples of what public life stands for in America.

    The team that worked hard to put the fourth cultural extravaganza and 2010 Hall of Fame event and a lovely colorful brochure that was brought out, included the founder and president Dr. Parveen Chopra, and several vice presidents: Mr. Sridhar Shanmugam, Mr. Chris Ram, Mr. Fred Fu, Mr. Sam Cheng, Ms. Patsy Fang Chen, Ms. Yaling Lin, Mr. Amit Shah, Dr. Pushpa Jagoda, Ms. Susan Soo (also photographer) and Mr. Chongba Sherpa. Many patrons who generously supported this event included Mr. Boby Chhikara of Diwan restaurant who catered the delicious Indian dinner. Television coverage support for this event was provided by Mr. H.R.Shah of T.V.Asia, for entire America, Ms. Penny Sidhu and Mr. Harvinder Bhamra of Jus Punjabi T.V. (Cablevision channel 248) who provided coverage of this event several times not only in America but also in Canada; and American Channel 1 that provided mainstream coverage in USA. President of AAC USA Dr. Parveen Chopra and the entire executive committee heartily thank all of them for their great support without which this event would not have been so successful. For more information please see AACUSA.ORG or call at 516-868-8465.

    Photo Caption:

    Picture 1956: Asian American Coalition USA 2010 Executive Committee and honorees (L-R)Mr. Sridhar Shanmugan( Cultural VP); Indu Jaiswal, Amit Shah (VP- Special Affairs), Chris Ram ( Secretary), Dr. Binod Shah ( Honoree), Dr. Parveen Chopra (President), Mrs. Usha Chopra ( First lady); New York State Supreme Court Judge Hon. Daniel Palmieri ( Honoree USA), Mrs. Mary Ellen Palmieri; New York State Comptroller Thomas Dinapoli; Iman Shamsi Ali ( VPInter. Comm.); Mr. Dilip CHauhan; Dr. Panchapakesa Jayaraman ( Honoree- India); Mr. John T. Ma ( Honoree – China); Mrs. Ruchika Chauhan ( Representing Senator Frank Padavan), Mr. Don Capalbi; Dr. Tara Niraula ( Past Nominee – 2009); Ms. Patsy Fang Chen ( Treasurer); Mr. Sam Chen (VP – Public Relations); Ms. Yalina Lin ( Board Member); Sister Anjani of Global Harmony House; Ms. Susan Soo.

    Photo 1970: Honorable Thomas Dinapoli – New York state Comptroller addressing AAC USA Fourth Conglomeration of Cultures with Mrs. Usha Chopra ( First Lady) and Dr. Parveen Chopra ( Founding President).

    Photo 1975: Nassau County Executive Honorable Edward P Mangano ( Honoree USA); Mrs. Grace Mangano, Mrs. Usha Chopra and Dr. Parveen Chopra Founder President ( Est 1989).

    Photo 1986: Honorable Daniel Palmieri ( Honoree – USA) Justice of the New York State Supreme Court receiving AAC USA Hall of Fame Award from President/ Founder Dr. Parveen Chopra, Mrs. Mary Ellen Palmieri, and Mrs. Usha Chopra

    Photo 1988: Mr. John T. Ma ( Honoree – China) receiving Hall of Fame award from President Dr. Parveen Chopra others in picture are ( L-R) Mrs. Usha Chopra, Mr. Sam Chen, Mr. Chris Ram

    Photo 1994: ( L-R) President Dr. Parveen Chopra presenting AAC USA Hall of Fame Award to Dr. Panchapakesa Jayaraman ( Honoree – India) who accepted this award with humility in the name of his mother; Mr. Sridhar Shanmujan ( VP Cultural Affairs) and Mrs. Usha Chopra

    Photo 2003: Iman Shamsi Ali ( Honoree – Indonesia) of largest mosque in New York City accepting AAC USA Hall of Fame Award from President Dr. Parveen Chopra and Mrs. Usha Chopra offering flowers to Ms. Ali.

    Photo 2013 President Dr. Parveen Chopra welcoming Honorable Peter Kou ( New York City Councilman) who praised the work done by AAC USA in organizing merchants and helping to improve the quality of Train No 7 to the heartland of Asian community in Flushing, NYC.

    Photo 2022 Dr. Binod Shah ( Honoree – Nepal) Being honored by President Dr. Parveen Chopra with the AAC USA Hall of Fame Award while Mrs. Usha Chopra offers flowers to Mrs. Shah.

    Photo 2028 Ambassador and Director General Honorable Andrew JC Kao of Taipei recognizing the work of famous conductor Dr. Ping-Heng Chen( Honoree- Taiwan) and President Dr. Parveen Chopra praising the Past performances of the AAC USA past conglomerations at the Lincoln Center in New York City.

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