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    By Fido


    I re landed in Canada after 3 years on 15th August 2006. I am an IT guy having 6 years experience. Was cautious from day 1 . Relaxed and acclimatized to Toronto for the first 2 weeks settling down changing initial places as I feel living settlement only can lead to a composed job search.

    Have been studying Monster and Workopolis for the past 4 months. And of course Canadian Desi. RESUME is your ace card . Prepare it well , analyze and re analyze with friends as each gives his own input which only betters the result. Study the articles in this regard on Workopilis and Monster and CD. I followed the above while readying my resume which took 7- 8 days , highlighting the information I wanted to be put up and keeping in the limit of 3 pages. Please remember your resume is your 3 page opportunity to impress your prospective employer. It should be clear , precise , unambiguous and laterally thought from your Employers perspective. Prepare more than one if needed for more than one job positions so as to highlight desired points do not put the stereotyped abstract qualities like 'excellent communication or able team member ' they waste space plus the Employer will assess that upon meeting you .Be quantitative with facts in your resume.

    And your cover note is more important than your resume. I placed 10 points on my cover informing the Employer what benefit he would have in hiring me .

    It takes time to perfectionise a resume but that's half battle won . Look into the job descriptions of your area and pluck out the oft repeated terms and plug them into your resume. Learn that the Employer also uses these key words to filter your resume.

    I received 2-3 calls per day for the next 3 weeks . Did have 3-4 interviews 2 of which were flukes. May be wrong but desis are slightly unprofessional then goras in conducting interviews and feel that since another desi is there , he can be taken for a ride and do not treat you at par with others .Sad and I wish my observation is myopic . Then there are desi mamas calling from the US , ready to exploit you from the word go.... Be professional , and set your goals and principles . They ask you for an hourly rate and a monthly rate ... keep deadlines in mind but be flexible enough.

    One of the Employers worked smoothly interviewing me behaviourally , then technically then checking with the references provided .And before long I had an offer letter . And yet there were others who were dilly dallying the affairs . There are direct employers and recruiters . Remember never to get yourself represented by more then 1 recruiter for the same position or your resume would be dumped for legal issues .Always confirm with a recruiter before submitting your resume.

    In 15 days time I had an offer letter and have joined this Company with in 2 months of my landing though I had to move to Nova Scotia. I had already made my mind not to even think of odd jobs and end up in a vicious cycle. I think desis coming from India are quite susceptible as you spend heavily in initial days as per Indian standards .But remember what you are spending you will earn back more if you adopt the correct strategy and land in the right job .

    Having said that , lets bear this in mind that my job is in IT .

    Another important and very important thing I d like to add is about communication .For sure there s a lot of difference between our accents and the way we speak as compared to the natives / English speaking . But trust me if you speak clearly , slowly and SENSIBLY they would understand it much better.More important than how you say it is - what you say and whether it is being understood. To overcome the accent handicap an ever potent advise is to speak slowly and clearly rather than trying to build a false accent.


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