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  • Everything You Should Know About Using Points Calculator for Canada

    By pawandeepsingh331

    Immigrating to Canada is probably one of your most cherished dreams that is finally about to come true. Every year, Canada welcomes thousands of immigrants to join universities, work, or settle down as Canadian citizens.

    Immigration however, is a long drawn out process and if you have done your due research about migration, then you must be aware of the many formalities and paperwork to be submitted.

    One of the first things to look at once you have decided to migrate to Canada is to check your eligibility. Countries like Canada and America have certain eligibility criteria that should be met for a person to be able to migrate to Canada as what we call skilled workers.

    To see whether you meet these requirements, there is a system called the comprehensive ranking system or CRS that calculates your eligibility to apply for permanent residency or PR using a points based ranking system.

    You can use this points calculator for Canada to calculate your eligibility for migration. Before using it, there are some things you should know about the system.

    The CRS uses 1,200 points in total to calculate your eligibility to get PR.
    There are 6 factors in total that determine your eligibility.
    Language skills

    Your total points will be calculated out of 100 based on these 6 factors. To qualify for migration, you must score a minimum of 67 out of 100.
    Language skills
    Your language skills will be assessed through tests that determine your writing, reading, listening, and speaking skills. Since both English and French are widely spoken in Canada, proficiency in these two languages can earn you a maximum of 24 points

    Age can earn you maximum of 110 points. An individual below the age of 20 can get points between 90 and 105 using the points calculator for Canada. As your age increases, your points decrease. Individuals aged 45 and above get zero points for age.

    If you hold degrees that are on par with the Canadian educational requirements, you can earn a maximum of 150 points. The highest points are awarded for individuals who hold a doctorate degree.

    Points for adaptability is awarded based on whether an individual has enough qualifications to flourish economically once he or she is in Canada. These points are awarded in either of two conditions. The adaptability factor carries a maximum of 10 points that is awarded either for full-time work in Canada or on the basis of factors like previous educational history in Canada, presence of a relative above the age of 18, language ability, and arranged employment.

    Employment and Experience:
    You can earn a maximum of 200 points if you happen to have a valid job offer from a Canadian employer. A Type of Job will earn you the whole 200 points while a Type A or Type B level will earn you 50 points. In order to earn these points, you must have valid work experience spanning at least 3 years.

    An experience of 3 years outside Canada will earn you 25 points while Canadian work experience can earn you the full 50 points. A year of Canadian work experience will earn you 13 points while 2 years can earn you 25 points.

    You can also earn additional points if you possess a nomination certificate from any Canadian province except Quebec. The nomination will earn you a maximum of 600 points.

    We, at Signature Visas, understand that relocating to another country requires a systematic method. Feel free to contact our team and we will be happy to assist.  

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